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Hedgehog Highways. 
Highway through brick wall

A single hedgehog may forage over 30 Ha and travel up to one mile in a night searching for food and mates. Our gardens are becoming more and more secure which limits the amount of land available to a hedgehog. 

By improving connectivity between our gardens by making holes in fences and putting tunnels in walls we can connect hedgehog habitat. All you need is a 13cm by 13cm hole for a hedgehog to pass through, this should be too small for most pets. 


Try talking to your neighbours and install hedgehog highways in your neighborhood, the more highways the better.

If you are feeling particularly wildlife friendly and adventurous, and even better option is to swap your fence/wall for a hedge.


The best habitat for a hedgehog is of course a HEDGE!  


This will provide food, shelter and a route in and out of your garden, whilst also benefiting birds and insects. 

Green labels can be bought online here or here.


Coming soon... our very own Watchet Hedgehog Group signs, to ensure highways aren't accidentally blocked up. 

Highway through wooden fence
Highway through mesh fence
Highway through wooden fence

Let's make some hedgehog highways! Record yours here.

Hedgehog Highway Recording Form

Please record your hedgehog highway below.

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